• Sell over the counter medicine

  • Dispense private prescriptions

Some of the conditions which we can sell over the counter medication for are listed below.

The Nari Clinic, Farnham, Pharmacy


We understand how debilitating migraines can be, especially when at work or looking after young children. The Nari Pharmacy can help people who already have a diagnosis of migraines from their doctor. After a consultation, either online or in person, you come into the clinic and have your blood pressure taken. A healthy BP is between 90/60 and 120/80. As long as it is safe to do so we can prescribe the following drugs:

  • Zolmitriptan tablets 2.5mg 6 tabs
  • Zolmitriptan nasal spray 5mg
  • Rizatriptan tablets 5mg or 10mg
  • Naratriptan film coated tablets 2.5mg 6 tablets
  • Frovatriptan tablets 2.5mg
  • Eletriptan tablets 40mg
  • Almotriptan tablets 12.5mg
  • Sumatriptan nasal spray
  • Sumatriptan tablets 50mg and 100mg

Please note that we cannot prescribe to anyone under 18 or over 65.


For nausea and vomiting, including if it as due to a migraine, we can prescribe metoclopramide 10mg tablets. Metoclopramide is an effective anti-sickness tablets which allows the absorption of any analgesics you are taking. Metoclopramide is usually taken as a single tablet three times a day. We are able to prescribe two days treatment once a month and not more than three times a year for people between 18 and 65 years old.

  • Metoclopramide 10mg tablets 12 – £7

Weight Loss

Many of us have trouble reaching our desired weight, even with diet and exercise. Orlistat can be helpful in people with a BMI of or greater than 28 with predisposing risk factors such as hear disease or with a BMI of 30 in people without risk factors. Orlistat is available over the counter as Alli 60mg and on prescription as Xenical 120mg.

Mysimba is a relatively new drug which is a combination of naltrexone and buproprion. Mysimba and help you lose five times as much weight as trying to lose wight without it. Mysimba can be used in people with a BMI of 27 and above.

  • Mysimba tablets – £
  • Orlistat 120 mg 84 capsules – £35

Skin Clinic


Insert photo from Pharmadoctor websire showing the different categories of acne

For people aged 12 and above with acne we can prescribe:

  • Isotrex gel ( isotretinoin 0.05%) mild acne
  • Isotrexin gel ( isotretinoin 0.05% + erythromycin 2%) 30g mild to moderate acne – £20


Many people experience itchy and inflamed rashes sometimes as an allergic response ( allergic dermatitis) or sometimes as a chronic condition ( atopic and seborrhoeic dermatitis) .For adults and children over 1 year old we, after a consultation we can prescribe betamethasone 0.122% cream and scalp application.

  • Betamethasone cream 0.122% 30g – £10
  • Betamethasone cream 0.122% 100g – £19
  • Betamethasone scalp application 0.1% 100ml – £15

Please note that the scalp application contains coconut oil some people who are allergic to nuts are also allergic to coconut even though it is not classified as a nut.


After a consultation we can treat mild to moderate rosacea in people aged 18 and over with Mirvaso gel. We will discuss the triggers to rosacea and ensure that your skin care routine does not involve any allergens. A maximum of 30 days treatment can be supplied and we will review your response to the gel every 9 weeks.

  • Mirvaso gel 3mg/g – £

Scalp Psoriasis

If you have a flaky, itchy red scalp which has not cleared up by using anti fungal shampoos then you may have scalp psoriasis. It can look very similar to dandruff but the scales are more silver in colour and the redness may go beyond the hairline, other parts of the body may also be affected. After a consultation we can prescribe Dovobet Gel. This is a combination of a couple of potent steroids, calicipotriol and betamethasone. After a consultation we can prescribe 4 weeks treatment, you will then return for a review and if necessary, another 4 weeks treatment will be given. If the psoriasis has improved but still a problem, then after a four week steroid free break we can supply another 4-8 week course.

  • Dovobet Gel 60g – £49

Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition where red, crusty patches of skin, covered in silver scales appear on the body. It is thought that this is a problem with the immune system which causes new skin cells to be made too quickly and they end of piling up on the skin. People with psoriasis usually experience flare ups due to triggers such as infections or stress. After a consultation we can prescribe Dovonex ointment ( 50mcg calcipotriol ) to people 6 years old or over and Dovobet ointment or gel ( calcipotriol 50mcg and betamethasone 0.5mg) to people 18 years old and older.

  • Calcipotriol 50mcg ointment 30g – £17
  • 60g – £25
  • 120g – £45
  • Calcipotriol 50mcg and 0.5mg betamethasone ointment 30g – £29
  • Dovobet gel 60g – £49

Men’s Hair Loss

Male pattern balding is usually a normal part of the aging process and occurs as men become more sensitive to their male sex hormones, androgens. After a consultation we can, is it is appropriate prescribe finasteride 1mg tablets to men over 18 years old . If you are losing hair in patches rather than losing it in the typical male pattern, then finasteride is not for you and Regaine topical solution may be an alternative. Any effects of taking finasteride once a day will be seen in between 3-6 months. If you stop taking finasteride then any hair gained, will begin to shed within 6 months. Finasteride is toxic to the male foetus so partners of pregnant women will need to use adequate protection.

  • Finasteride 1mg tablets 28 – £40
  • Finasteride1mg 84 tablets 84 – £110

Female Facial Hirsutism

Women of 19 years and older can retard the growth of facial hair by using Vaniqa cream (eflornithine 11.5%). To be prescribed this you must already have been diagnosed with hirsutism by your doctor. This is because in some cases the excessive hair growth is due to an underlying condition which may need investigation. Vaniqa is applied twice a day and effects will be seen within 8 weeks. You will need treatment for as long as you want to reduce your hair growth. If you stop using it then your hair will return to its usual growth rate within 8 weeks.

  • Vaniqa cream 60g – £70


It is very common for children to catch impetigo as it is a highly contagious bacterial infection. It will present as red sores around the mouth and hand which quickly turn yellowish brown and crusty. The most distinctive symptom is the speed at which it spreads and goes from the red raw to the crusty yellow phase. If you have large areas of impetigo then you will need to see your GP for oral antibiotics. If the lesion is just a small area, then fusidic acid cream is the best treatment. It should only be applied to the affected areas three to four times a day and continued for 7 days, even if the healing looks complete.

  • Fusidic acid 2% cream 15g – £9
  • Fusidic acid 2% cream 30g  – £17

Period Delay

Many women feel the need to delay their periods for significant events such as exams, holidays or weddings. Women over 16 can delay their period for up to 14 days in any 6 month period. The tablets are taken one three times a day starting 3 days before the expected onset of menstruation. Bleeding usually starts three days after the last dose. Please bring a list of all the medication currently prescribed. Women taking epilepsy or blood pressure medication will need to see their GP for a prescription.

  • Metoclopramide 10mg tablets 30 £10
  • Metoclopramide 10mg tablets 60 £15

Urge Incontinence and Over Active Bladder

Urge incontinence is when there is a sudden urge to urinate and there is difficulty controlling it. An overactive bladder is where there is an urge to urinate but there may not be any leakage, there will usually be an increased frequency in urination and possibly more urination at night. We can only treat people between the ages of 18 and 65 who have already been diagnosed and undergone supervised bladder training. We cannot treat people for stress or overflow incontinence. For the consultation you will need to bring a list of medicines you are currently taking. You will need to return for a review after 4 weeks. If the tablets have worked well then we can supply them indefinitely provided that you pop in for a check-up every 2-3 months.

  • Oxybutynin 5mg tablets 56 – £10
  • Oxybutynin 5mg tablets 112 – £18
  • Solifenacin 5mg tablets 30 – £20
  • Solifenacin 5mg tablets 60 – £35
  • Solifenacin 10mg tablets 30 – £24
  • Solifenacin 10mg tablets 60 – £35

Urinary Tract Infection Advance Supply

Many people have had several UTIs in the past and need antibiotics at hand for when this should happen again. We can treat women between 18 and 65 who suffer from repeated uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections as diagnosed by their doctor. Unfortunately, we cannot treat people who have had a UTI in the past 3 months or display symptoms of an upper UTI e.g. a temperature over 38.C

  • Macrobid MR 100mg capsules 14 – £20

Acute Urinary Tract Infections

For women aged 18 -65 who have symptoms of a lower UTI such as cystitis will first be asked to provide a mid stream urine sample which will be tested using MultiStix. You may either bring a sample from home or you can use the large toilet in our clinic. If you test positive, and have anormal temperature then you may be prescribed antibiotics.

  • Macrobid MR 100mg capsules 14 – £20


After a consultation we can prescribe Uniroid HC suppositories for internal piles and Uniroid HC ointment for external piles to people over 16. The supply will be for 7 days.

  • Uniroid HC suppositories 12 – £10
  • Uniroid HC Ointment 30g – £15

Salbutamol Inhaler

A salbutamol/ Ventolin inhaler can be prescribed to anyone over 16 who has been seen by their GP or asthma nurse and prescribed a salbutamol inhaler in the past year. We cannot prescribe to people who use their inhaler more than 4 times a day or those who are also taking theophylline, montelukast or beta blockers. We can dispense up to one blue inhaler a month to a maximum of 6 in any one year.

  • Ventolin inhaler 200 puffs – £10