Aqualyx Injections

Aqualyx injections are used to dissolves fat in stubborn wobbly places on the body. These areas of fat may remain in place despite a healthy lifestyle and fitness plan. Aqualyx dissolves the membranes of the fat cells thereby releasing the fatty acids which can be remove from the body using the lymphatic system.

These injections are ideally used for small pockets fat under your skin. It is highly effective for removing double chin, fat around the thighs, tummy and bra strap. The results can be permanent if complemented by healthy lifestyle and it also carries less risk of loose skin after the procedure because the injections also produce a degree of skin contraction.

Treatment Overview – Aqualyx Injections

Procedure Duration

Procedure Duration

Variable depending on size of area being treated

Complimentary Treatments

Complimentary Treatments

A healthy lifestyle with support where one is struggling

Types of Anaesthetics





  • DO NOT use an icepack for longer than 20 mins daily
  • DO NOT take anti-inflammatory medications for 48hrs after treatment
  • Avoid saunas, swimming, spas for 3 days post treatment
  • Avoid physical exercise for 10 days
  • Avoid other aesthetic treatments for 2 weeks


No treatment can be conducted if individuals have:
Diabetes, Kidney disease, Liver disease, Active skin problems being treated or blood thinning medications.



Time to see resuts is variable ranging from 1-3 treatments for small areas and 4-6 treatments for longer areas. All treatments are 4-6 weeks apart.

Full Recovery

Full Recovery

The results following all sessions for treatments can be permanent provided that weight is maintained by a healthy lifestyle

Price From

Price from

£370 for face treatments

£620 for body treatments