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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

As we get older, our body’s production of collagen slows, causing the upper layers of skin to wrinkle and sag. In order to stimulate the production of new collagen, HIFU sends ultrasound energy to selected depths below your skin’s surface, causing small injuries to the underlying tissue. As that tissue heals, it produces new collagen that tightens your skin naturally.

HIFU treatments are usually in the following areas of the face and body:

  • Forehead
  • Decolletage
  • Chin
  • Brows and crow feet
  • Lower face to neck
  • Full face and neck
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs front or back
  • Full Thighs (front, back and sides)
  • Upper back (bra strap area)
  • Flanks
  • Upper or lower abdomen
  • Chest for men
  • Hips
  • Full abdomen
  • Under buttocks
  • Knees

Treatment Overview – HIFU

Procedure Duration

Procedure Duration

Variable depending on area being treated.

Complimentary Treatments

Complimentary Treatments

This can be complemented by Mesotherapy, PRP, Botox ,Micro-needling and LED light treatment.

Types of Anaesthetics


Topical  anaesthetic is applied for 20 minutes



  • You should allow time between HIFU treatment and the following treatments: Botox, Peels, Dermal fillers and IPL.
  • Avoid ice packs, avoid hot tubs/saunas and exercises for 24 hrs post treatment.
  • Apply SPF30 or higher with zinc oxide immediately after treatment, avoid epilation and depilatory creams for 3 days post treatment.


Coagulation disorders (haemophilia), Pregnancy, recent pregnancy or breast feeding, Heart conditions including pacemaker, Thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, Anticoagulant medication, Skin thinning medication, Cancer, Epilepsy, Metal prosthesis or implants (not dental implants)



You can start seeing results from the end of your treatment with optimum results taking up to 12 weeks to be seen.

*There may be some temporary erythema, stinging, itching and tightness of skin following the treatment.

Full Recovery

Recommended Treatments

Once every 9 months

*This may vary depending on your metabolism and other factors

Price From

Prices from


Our practitioners will advise you of pre and post HIFU skincare/precautions. You should allow time between HIFU treatment and the treatments below: Botox, Peels, Dermal fillers and IPL.