Skin Clinic

Over the counter medication available for these conditions:


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For people aged 12 and above with acne we can prescribe:

  • Isotrex gel ( isotretinoin 0.05%) mild acne
  • Isotrexin gel ( isotretinoin 0.05% + erythromycin 2%) 30g mild to moderate acne – £20



Many people experience itchy and inflamed rashes sometimes as an allergic response ( allergic dermatitis) or sometimes as a chronic condition ( atopic and seborrhoeic dermatitis) .For adults and children over 1 year old we, after a consultation we can prescribe betamethasone 0.122% cream and scalp application.

  • Betamethasone cream 0.122% 30g – £10
  • Betamethasone cream 0.122% 100g – £19
  • Betamethasone scalp application 0.1% 100ml – £15

Please note that the scalp application contains coconut oil some people who are allergic to nuts are also allergic to coconut even though it is not classified as a nut.


After a consultation we can treat mild to moderate rosacea in people aged 18 and over with Mirvaso gel. We will discuss the triggers to rosacea and ensure that your skin care routine does not involve any allergens. A maximum of 30 days treatment can be supplied and we will review your response to the gel every 9 weeks.

  • Mirvaso gel 3mg/g – £

Scalp Psoriasis

If you have a flaky, itchy red scalp which has not cleared up by using anti fungal shampoos then you may have scalp psoriasis. It can look very similar to dandruff but the scales are more silver in colour and the redness may go beyond the hairline, other parts of the body may also be affected. After a consultation we can prescribe Dovobet Gel. This is a combination of a couple of potent steroids, calicipotriol and betamethasone. After a consultation we can prescribe 4 weeks treatment, you will then return for a review and if necessary, another 4 weeks treatment will be given. If the psoriasis has improved but still a problem, then after a four week steroid free break we can supply another 4-8 week course.

  • Dovobet Gel 60g – £49

Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition where red, crusty patches of skin, covered in silver scales appear on the body. It is thought that this is a problem with the immune system which causes new skin cells to be made too quickly and they end of piling up on the skin. People with psoriasis usually experience flare ups due to triggers such as infections or stress. After a consultation we can prescribe Dovonex ointment ( 50mcg calcipotriol ) to people 6 years old or over and Dovobet ointment or gel ( calcipotriol 50mcg and betamethasone 0.5mg) to people 18 years old and older.

  • Calcipotriol 50mcg ointment 30g – £17
  • 60g – £25
  • 120g – £45
  • Calcipotriol 50mcg and 0.5mg betamethasone ointment 30g – £29
  • Dovobet gel 60g – £49


It is very common for children to catch impetigo as it is a highly contagious bacterial infection. It will present as red sores around the mouth and hand which quickly turn yellowish brown and crusty. The most distinctive symptom is the speed at which it spreads and goes from the red raw to the crusty yellow phase. If you have large areas of impetigo then you will need to see your GP for oral antibiotics. If the lesion is just a small area, then fusidic acid cream is the best treatment. It should only be applied to the affected areas three to four times a day and continued for 7 days, even if the healing looks complete.

  • Fusidic acid 2% cream 15g – £9
  • Fusidic acid 2% cream 30g  – £17